Why Sofoklis chose RentADesk in Limassol

We caught up with Sofoklis, who is utilising a desk in the Divine Central Tower and asked him why he’s chosen RentADesk Cyprus. He had this to say:

“I am working as a freelance developer sometimes onsite at the client’s office, but most of the time remotely. During the time I am doing remote work, it’s important to be in a professional working space that I enjoy, and I can get the most out of my day for my clients. Renting a private office with RentADesk Cyprus gives me a beautiful working environment with all the facilities that I need for my work including internet, cleaning services, printing etc, without any administration and at a small cost.”

So there you have it, we’re happy you are happy with our environment Sofoklis! Here’s to the continued growth of your freelance business!

Incase you were wondering, there are a few desks left in Limassol, so get in touch or pop in to see them for yourself.